Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hubby forwarded this to me today. I have to say, I do agree 100% with the author. I'm not saying that we should over spend. I always believe in getting the best deal possible on any purchase. But I also don't buy crap that isn't going to last. I'm believe in frugality - not being a cheapskate.

I have a few real life examples too. Take my Mom's kitchenaid mixer. She used it for about 20 years and then gave it to me only because she wanted a new color. My parents queen size mattresses. They bought new only because my Mom wanted new. I used them in my spare bedroom for a few years and then when my sister in law moved out, I sent them with her to use in her spare bedroom. And they are still mighty fine mattresses, kicking around 20+ years later. My hubby only buys Doc Marten shoes for the most part. He has one pair of boots that he's had for 15 years now. Still kicking around. I bought a blow dryer about 14 years ago. 13 years ago I decided I just wanted a new color. My sister in law just recently had to throw it away because it finally died. If I had to figure out the cost of the items over the years that they were used, it'd come out to just pennies a day!

Why I Can't Afford Cheap | February 9, 2009

I remember reading a story once about an octogenarian discussing her most prized possessions with a researcher. She shows the researcher an iron that's been going for over 40 years and explains how she had to scrimp and save to buy the product and how it ended up out living even her husband. Quizzed on why she spent so much money on the iron she said "I'm too poor to buy cheap!"

Too poor to buy cheap. That simple phase really resonated with me and has stuck with me ever since.

Cheap is quick. Cheap is dirty. Cheap is disposable.

Cheap breaks.

Cheap costs money. It costs money to fix, it costs money to replace.

Cheap seems like a good idea at the time but cheap fails when you most need it.

Cheap is flimsy and unsatisfying.

Cheap is inefficient.

Cheap gets in your way.

Cheap costs you time and it costs you customers.

Cheap always cost you more in the end. That's why I can't afford to buy cheap. Can you?

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