Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on Kaeterina

Kaeterina arrived at St. John's Hospital in Detroit at 10:30 am today to have her endoscope with biopsy done at 12 noon. She was anxious about having it done but the nurses were SUPER! They made the whole experience as good as it could possibly given the circumstances. They talked her through everything that they were going to do. Then they let her pick out a movie to watch on a personal DVD player. After awhile the doc came in and explained how they were going to put her to sleep. Then the nurse brought her a sedative that made her sleepy. She doesn't even remember watching the end of the movie. The procedure went very quickly. I don't think she was away from us for even a full hour. After she started to wake up the nurses brought her back from recovery so we could sit with her. She was allowed to have as many popsicles as she wanted but she just wanted half of one red one. Then as we were wheeling her out in her wheelchair ride, the nurse let her pick one Beanie Baby to take home. She was very excited about that.

The good news is that everything looked good. The bad news is that everything looked good. We still do not have a diagnosis. The gastroenterologist took a biopsy of the stomach to rule out Celiac disease for sure but we don't think she has that. She has lost 2 more pounds so she is up to a total weight loss of 8 pounds in just less than 4 weeks. The gastro doc suggested anxiety or depression. While that would make perfect sense with all that is going on, I would have thought it would have happened sooner. It just started after the vomiting 4 weeks ago. We'll get the biopsy results on Monday (when we'll already be in China). We have to keep her on Pediasure to help her gain weight back and at the very least, stop her from loosing any more weight. It's hard to get her to drink as much as she needs because she keeps telling us that she's not hungry.

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