Friday, September 19, 2008

Beth Moore - Stepping Up

Wednesday began the Fall semester of T3 (Topics that Transform) at our home church, Kensington. This semester we are studying Beth Moore's study entitled Stepping Up - A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent.

From their website:

"Beth Moore's study, Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent, is an in-depth look at 15 Psalms. Just as a song or poem can express feelings of fear, doubt, hope, and joy, these 15 psalms model how study participants can voice their own petitions and praises to our God, who is always available and ready to hear us."

Honestly, I only signed up for this study because I enjoy Beth Moore's teachings. Over the past 1.5 years, God has spoken to me clearly via her studies. Her goal for us for this study is that "she expects nothing less than a new level of relationship and intimacy with God through these psalms." THAT is why I signed up. I'm not a big fan of the Psalms nor of poetry nor of most songs in general. If given a choice, the Psalms would be one of my last choices for a study. But I'm listening and obeying God as best as I can with His direction. I figured that if this was the study for this Fall, then this was the study that I needed to do.

I went into our video session on Wednesday with very few expectations. And I was over-whelmed by the time I left after 50 minutes with how God spoke to me via that video. I was just in awe. I still am as I sit here journaling about it and preparing to do my homework for the day. Every Beth Moore study that I've ever done requires daily homework for 5 days per week. I assume they are all like that but this is only my 4th one. Here are the quotes from the video that spoke loud and clear to me:

"Whatever we are going through, we aren't staying in it. Be sure to know that we will move - either forward or backward - depending on how we seek to follow Him. You are only passing through what you are currently in. This time period is only a flash of time in eternity."

She also said "women love sameness - security". Well yuppers - I sure as heck do! I HATE the unknown. It scares the dickens right out of me. But He is teaching me to embrace the unknown and trust that HE has it all figured out already.

Lastly, she said "We need to move up to the next level - just as the Psalms of Ascent do. We need to next the next leap of faith. I want adventure. I have been scared all of my life." Yuppers again! But daily He is stretching me and I'm learning to lean on Him and not my own understanding : )

In God's economy, we must go down to go up. She has set a challenge for us for this study. We are going to spend 2 days on each of the 15 Psalms 120-134. That is 30 days of homework. She has challenged us to get down on the floor, face down, in the posture of humility, before we begin our homework. So, I'm challenging you as well. To do the same before you begin you quiet time with Him. Just try it once (assuming you are physically able to do so). I've just done it once so far and I promise you that it will begin your day in a whole new way.

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