Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Service this Past Sunday

We had a nice little snowstorm on Saturday night. I mentioned to my man that maybe we could skip service on Sunday because it was all about membership and we are already members. But I was scheduled to serve so we couldn't skip it after all. In the 18 months that we have been attending KCC, I think we have only missed twice (once we were all deadly sick and the other time we were in NYC). I truly look forward to service starting my week off on the right foot.

I'm glad we ended up going. We go to the 9 am service which always has the lowest attendance I think but it was SUPER low this Sunday. People had to get up out of their comfy seats to pass the basket for the offering. I'm not used to having to get up during service since leaving my Catholic roots : ) Big Steve was the Pastor and he is just hilarious!

During service, they showed a video they taped for their 10 year anniversary 7 years ago. It was AWESOME to watch again! My perspective has changed a bit since watching it the first time last year. When I heard, I think it was Paula say, we all had kids and when we had meetings, we had kids climbing all over us, it sure made me feel better about taking our kids along with us on this journey. I've seen a few of those kids grown up now and they sure did turn out terrific! The girls are the ones I've been most worried about. If it was just my man and I, I wouldn't have nearly as many concerns as I do. Raising 3 very impressionable young girls in NYC. I pray often that by surrounding them by the Jesus loving people that are on this team, it will protect them against most negative outside forces. They are already growing up too fast and I can only imagine how fast they will grow up there. I'm thankful for the other K girls, baby S and little E that are quickly becoming their buddies. They look forward to NYC meetings now and are disappointed when they don't get to go. I can't even begin to imagine what our 10 year anniversary video will look like! The girls will be around 18, 16, and 14. WOW! GOD sure does have a wild plan for this family.....

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