Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To Sell or To Rent

That is the hot question these days in this Metro Detroit market for those people attempting to move out of the area. We have about 6 - 9 months until we would ideally like to move. The market has taken a dive for the past few years and seems to continue to do so. We already know we can't sell and make a profit - we can't even sell and get our down payment back. If we sell with a realtor who only takes 5%, we will still have to come to closing with a big chunk of change to sell the house. If we rent, we would most like have to use a property management company (smartest move since we will be living out of state) have to not only subsidize the monthly rent, but also pay the PMC about $150 monthly for their services (which would most likely just be our own peace of mind). So again, a loss. If we could sell it by owner, we could break even - MAYBE. It's so hard to sell a house these days that it is just doubly hard to sell by owner. So you can see our pickle. It has been probably the largest hurdle for me to climb in this journey (notice I said climb and not jump!). I've thought, that is just going to be impossible. It took us 3 tries with 3 realtors to sell our last house before moving here two years ago.

So I did the only thing I knew left to do that I should have just done in the first place. I prayed. And prayed hard. For GOD to show me what he wants us to do with this house so we can focus our energies on either renting or selling and not both or to at least give me some peace that he is going to eventually just handle it.

We've had it on craigslist here http://detroit.craigslist.org/rfs/511864533.html since the end of October. Granted, I still haven't even put pictures up but at least it was on the web as well as having a sign in our front yard. 45 days come and go and not one single call nor email. See why I am confused that if this what we are supposed to be doing, then why is NOTHING happening? So I prayed some more.

I realized yesterday that our listing had expired so I updated it (still no picture - I have it - it is just on the laptop which doesn't have a working cord right now). Within a few hours I get an email about renting it and a phone call from someone else about the sale of it. In the mail yesterday I get a newsletter from the realtor that sold us this house and today in the mail Pete gets a calendar from a realtor we don't even know. WOW! I know it is not actually selling nor renting of the house nor is it a clear idea on which way we should go but it sure was a lot of activity in just one day after nothing for the past 1.5 months. I need to just trust GOD. I know from my confirmation last week that he really wants us to go to NYC so I just have to wait for HIS timing on it ........

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