Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hearing GOD

As part of the NYC Plunge that we experienced in September, we were asked to read a small book called "Listening Prayer". Now quite honestly I've never wanted to "hear" God's voice. I think if I heard what I thought was God's voice audibly, I'd just pass out. I do however "hear" God in many other ways. He designed me, so he fully understands how I need to "hear" him.

I've been on a quest for about 8 months now to learn to pay better attention to when GOD is speaking to me. I read another book called Wavelength where the author Petherick sighted many examples of hearing GOD and that started me on my quest. It was a GREAT book! Easy to read and very interesting. Then I attended the taping of a video segment at Kensington title "24/7" with Jesus. I learned even more there. Then the Listening Prayer book. Then in September I joined a T3 (Topics That Transform) bible study on Daniel by Beth Moore. More learning to hear GOD. I pretty much hear him talk to me on a very regular basis. Not audibly - but he sends me very clear messages. If you read my very first post, then you know HIS most recent message to me. Kensington is doing a short two week series on Hearing God and I've REALLY looking forward to it.

I don't think I realize just how often GOD tries to talk to me but I just don't pay attention. So I'm going to try here to post when he talks to me.

A few nights ago, my man and I were painting the basement walls (we are finishing off the basement in hopes of bringing our house one up on the others for sale on our block - nice vacation for my man, I know) and of course our most frequent conversations revolve around the logistics of this move (selling or renting this house, jobs, school, etc.) I asked if he had been praying about the house sale and job hunt most specifically. I said that I feel almost guilty asking GOD for the things we need to move - it just feels selfish on so many different levels.

At one of our Launch Team meetings last month, M (whom I highly respect as a very spiritual woman) said that the Holy Spirit was prompting her to tell us to pray "high" so to speak. I took that as ask for the impossible. She said "It's all been taken care of - just ask." Well I've still not felt comfortable asking for what it is I think we need to move. So this was the basis of our conversations - what is right and not right to pray for. I'm not sure that even makes sense.

My man reads nightly to oldest daughter, K1, out of a book I bought them titled "Bedside Blessings" by Charles R. Swindoll. Well after our little chat, he goes upstairs to tuck K1 in and read to her. He then comes downstairs and shows me what that nights' reading was:

December 23
"If we would ask more, we would have more. But because we don't ask, we don't have. I wonder how many wonderful gifts are left unwrapped in heaven because they were never asked to be unwrapped on earth? They just remained there, unasked for."

You do not have because you do not ask. James 4:2

I've started praying and asking for the BIG things for I know GOD has gone before us and the Giants aren't so large after all.

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