Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Buddies

Pictured here is Mumma K and T$. Aren't they just the coolest looking people around? Would you just want to be best friends for life with them?!? (ignore the Keep Park Clean sign above their heads : ) We met them for the first time at our meeting for the NYC Plunge we went on in September. I KNOW God wanted us to be friends. I had tried to cancel our trip at the last minute and they weren't even considering going. Then at the last minute they got the nudge to go. Then I prayed to God and left it up to him as to whether or not my man and I should go. It was actually the first time we had ever left the K girls for more than over-night since their births. I thought that was going to be hard for me but it turned out to be a wonderful thing for us. My man and I really needed that week-end away. Sorry for the tangent. So at the very last minute both the Kellys and the Pfeiffers spent a week-end exploring the Great NYC that we will all call home in 2008!

I FINALLY was able to have a Mom's Night Out last Friday and was lucky enough to spend with Mumma K. We thought we were hangin' with some of the other Mummas but it turned out that only the two of us could make it. I was just as happy to have a night out with her. I haven't been out without the kids in a few months so it was an extra special treat for me. I sarcastically told my man I'd be home in just a few hours (inside joke between the two of us - he's always longer out than he says he's going to be so I thought I'd exxagerate the time I'd be out) Turns out we were out for dinner and drinks for 5.5 hours! I didn't think I could talk to anyone that long!

Lesson learned:

1. Mumma K shouldn't let me drink alcohol because I'll talk non-stop and all about myself : ) When My Man asked me if I planned to have a drink (I'm a bit of a light weight drinker and rarely drink more than Diet Coke), I said, "Of course I am - I am going out with a Kelly! I was only teasing though)

Anyways, I feel so very blessed to be on this venture with those guys! On top of being totally cool folks, they have two beautiful girls the same age as our two oldest daughters. It's been comforting to know that our girls have friends with them on this life's journey as well. I thank God regularly for putting such amazing people in our lives to go through this journey with.

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T$ said...

I love you and your hubby just the same. I still have to come up with a cool nickname for you, but I'm waiting to hear from God.