Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Dogs Are Gone

Well Monday was a sad day around here for hubby. Both of his dogs moved to new homes. It was hard for him but he finally had peace that it was time. Trying to show a house (to sell or rent) with two LARGE dogs is hard! I would have to take them somewhere when someone was going to look at the house in a tiny Breeze with 3 kids. Not a good thing. On top of that, there was the constant cleaning of the house. They shed ALOT! NYC is not a place for labs. At least we don't think so.

I actually think both found better homes. Hemi (our black lab) moved down to City Mission and now has FIVE yards to run through-out. He loves to run! Neo (pictured here) moved into a family of 3 kids that are actually bigger than him that he can't knock over. He was just too much dog for our little girls.

I was sad to see Hemi go. He's been with us almost 3 years. He was a SUPER guard dog. I felt safe here having him home. But I knew if hubby found a good home for him, then he needed to move. Now we don't have to worry about them while we are gone with a a few trips coming up. It's hard to get a sitter for two large dogs.

The girls seem with with it. Not a mention of them since Monday. Of course now they fight over the kitten. Look here - K#1 is taking after her parents : ) At least the kitten will sit with them unlike the dogs.

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