Saturday, January 19, 2008

Spiritual Warfare - Please Pray

Ever since probably September, when hubby and I went to NYC, we have fought over just the silliest things. Like sometimes fought HARD(in years past this was normal for us but not so much over the last year). And afterwards wondered what the heck we were even fighting over!? How silly is that? Pastor warned us to be prepared for that kind of thing. Satan doesn't like what we are doing. He's going to do everything he can think of to make us doubt what we are doing. I've really felt him turn up the heat some days.

Thursday night I had a VERY intense dream that Satan was taking over my body. I've NEVER had any dreams like that in my life. I don't normally dream and if I do it's a different version of the same dream over and over again. So this really got to me! I couldn't breathe - he took my voice away. I woke up with my heart racing 1000 miles an hour. It took me almost 2 hours to fall back asleep.

Please pray for not only me but also the entire NYC Launch team. We are all going through a lot and it's making us freak out many days.

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