Monday, March 17, 2008

Proud Mamma

Well let me start by pointing out that just 4 months ago both DD#1 (pictured here) and I were TERRIBLY allergic to cats. Within one month of having Trinity, we were both immune.

Now on to my post. Normally DD#1 doesn't tell me much. She loves to talk when we are one on one. But if say she comes out of dance or gymnastics and I ask how was it, she responds with good. That's it. Nothing more. She has always done this, even while in pres-school.

Well now today she gets home and is having her bedtime snack. She asks "do we go to Troy Main campus?" I respond with Yes we do. She then says "Ms. Jen was asking me a lot of questions tonight." This is odd that she just starts to share anything about gymnastics, let alone talk about church! So I of course say "What was Ms. Jen asking you about." And she replies with "Lots of stuff about church and NYC. She goes to Troy Main Campus at Kensington too." I said, "Why did that come up?" Her response is "Because I had to give her your note today and you told her we were moving to NYC so she asked me why we were doing that and I said to start a church so then she started asking me questions about church and NYC." WOW! That is so unusual for her to share not only with me but with another adult too. She is very shy (Except when she is on stage) and was very open. I'm so PROUD of her!

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