Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do You Still Not Understand?

My husband and T$ say this often to each other. So often that it irritates me now when I hear him say it. I guess I still do not understand. I must to need to have this pounded into my head.

I read a lot of blogs. Many of them (but not all) from a Christian perspective or at least close to it. They typically have different posts on different topics on different days. I've now read THREE blogs tonight with the SAME message! I need to trust GOD with HIS provisions in HIS timing!

I just blogged about Lynnae's post on storing up treasures on earth.

So I'm still wondering, "God, What in the world are you doing?" I then read over at Gather Little By Little. He blogged the lyrics to Aaron Shust’s song My Savior My God.

Crystal had a guest post titled Trust God for His Provision where the blogger talked about a time when GOD provided beyond what they could have ever imagined. That last post was what put me over the edge tonight.

I know HE will provide. I need to remember about our pending adoption whenever I have doubts. When Pete and I were first discussing the adoption (and we didn't really talk about it too much either), He wanted to wait until he got a promotion so we could afford it. We were looking at expenses of possibly $20,000 to do it. I felt a nudging that we needed to do it then and not wait. I knew he would provide, although I had no idea how. So Pete trusted me and we proceeded. GOD did indeed provide. Less than two months after we started the process, Pete got a raise. Enough of a raise to cover the entire thing! You may not think a promotion and a raise is that amazing. But Pete had just been promoted 6 months prior AND 6 months prior to that! Had we waited and not trusted we wouldn't be adopting now because effective May 1 China changed their requirements and we don't meet one of them. My GOD is an AWESOME GOD!

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